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Blazer with Whatever Cover

How to Wear a Men’s Blazer with Anything

The Men’s Blazer: A Universal Uniform Fashion rule #1: A men’s blazer is what a dress is to a woman: A bedrock on which they build the rest of their wardrobe on. So, as the foundation of our wardrobe, can we just throw anything on with it and see how it flies? I mean, it’s […]

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Fight of the Century – Cardigan vs. Sweater

  Who Will Win?! This is the fight that you’ve all been waiting for. A bout you will tell your grandchildren. Mothers, hide your daughters because this could get ugly. Wait, that can’t be right. Certainly a matchup of fine gentlemen’s wear will be an attractive affair, yes? Today’s matchup features a long-standing rivalry between […]

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Men’s Suits that Aren’t Navy or Grey

Alternative Men’s Suit Colors? Do You Dare? The title says it all. The question that haunts your every waking moment and the one that keeps you up at night: Do you have the guts to wear men’s suits that are neither navy or grey? Sure, you’ve definitely about branching out beyond the two colors that dominate […]

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Swapping Dressed Up and Dressed Down Looks

Dress Up or Dress Down? Everyone knows the famed fable of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: An esteemed scientist and a gentleman who transforms into his criminal alter ego to indulge in his vices undetected. Wait, so how does this relate to men’s fashion? Well we aren’t asking you to be inspired by Dr. Jekyll’s […]

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