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3 Wearable Tech Gadgets For Men – Kinowear

Ever wish mens’ clothing would ever catch up with technology? I’m not talking about apps that give you a pace count, either. For example, why do belts still have holes?If you’re thinking they shouldn’t check out this micro-adjusting belt by Anson Gone are those embarrassing hole marks, like the ones branded on your belt when […]

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Beer & Cigar Pairing – Kinowear

If you’ve ever enjoyed a refreshing craft beer you know how life-altering the right can be, especially if you find the right one that makes your taste buds sing. But have you ever tried cigar pairing? If you’ve never smoked a top-notch stogie with a pint of your favorite microbrew you’re in for a real […]

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Flat-brimmed hats

15 Men’s Style Mistakes You Might be Guilty of

The internet has changed a lot of industries, often for the better. It’s made the world a more open and convenient place. Men’s style and fashion is certainly one of those industries. The world of fashion has evolved and seems to have less to do with what the experts say is trendy and more to […]

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