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Cordovan, the masculine man’s leather

Disclaimer – Laurent has been one of our readers and friends for many years.  Since he has been craving cordovan shoes for a long time and bought a pair last month, he spontaneously sent us this very nice article. And we thank him for it. Ah shoes…according to some people, it’s imperative to have at […]

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combat boots for respectable people

A short guide – combat boots for respectable people (½)

Volume One: Combat boots for walking through puddles Combat boots have first and foremost been reserved for a solely military usage, favoring comfort and durability for a soldier in often harsh environments and climates. The first ‘real’ boots, the kind that we’re talking about here – leather and laces – were made during the Second […]

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5 Tips to Spice Up an Outfit

In this post you’re going to learn 5 easy ways to spice up an outfit. By now you’ll have understood: dressing well (carefull there are a bunch of link in there!) is about details and the way you wear your clothes. It’s precisely what differentiates between the person at the top of the class, the […]

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Sneakers 101 : bits and bobs, tips…and thoughts.

This article aims to be ‘brief’ and get to the bottom of things on a number of questions we receive concerning these beautiful creatures. Knowing how to taste them then get a taste for them requires the same as for sashimi: they need to be served raw, lively and sharp (for the freshness of the […]

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