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The Nature Boy Ric Flair

Case Study: The 3 Ways Kinowear Changed JJ’s Life

Does it say something about me that prior to 2014, my only fashion knowledge came from The Nature Boy Ric Flair? The styling, profilin’ limousine riding, jet flying son of a gun. Say what you will about Ric, but he dressed the part and was kind enough to tell you about his ensemble (Armani suits, […]

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How To Contact A Busy Person

Let’s be open and honest okay? Busy people are next to impossible to get on the phone. And forget about them responding to an email. You know what I’m talking about… Ever send an important contact an email only to hear the sound of crickets after you hit send? Welcome to the club… most people are […]

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5 Limiting Beliefs Killing Your 2015 Resolutions

2015 is officially underway. I’ll bet you’re excited to get started making those New Year’s resolutions come true. Perhaps this year you’ll start a business and make more money. Or maybe you decided enough is enough and  finally make the commitment to get yourself in shape. Or, if you’re like a lot men reading this […]

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Junk food

How To Look Your Best While Still Eating What You Love

I’ll cut to the chase here: dieting sucks. Or at least conventional dieting does… You know what I’m talking about, right? Those diets that don’t ever let you eat the foods that you actually enjoy eating, and make each day seem like a constant test of your fortitude. And, really, sheer willpower will only take […]

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How Thailand fucked up my style

I knew this was going to happen… I’ve got an important meeting and I’m not at all dressed for it. And you can tell. Me, the one who, a long time ago, set the example in terms of style for those around me, to the point that it made me a bit arrogant…now I’m 6 […]

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