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A Guide To Staying Cool With Mens Summer Jackets

Want to look great this summer? Don’t get lazy! The fact is, most guys will.  They’ll strut around in t-shirts, sneakers and relaxed shorts or jeans. This is a good thing for you. You’ll stand out more when you do something like sport some mens summer jackets – which we’ll be discussing today. Elegant and […]

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Junk food

How To Look Your Best While Still Eating What You Love

I’ll cut to the chase here: dieting sucks. Or at least conventional dieting does… You know what I’m talking about, right? Those diets that don’t ever let you eat the foods that you actually enjoy eating, and make each day seem like a constant test of your fortitude. And, really, sheer willpower will only take […]

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l'image a la une

What do you expect to get out of your clothing budget?

This time, we’ve written an article a bit shorter than usual, where the aim is to summarise the different levels of quality for each item of clothing. Thus, you will avoid having unrealistic expectations, such as thinking that you can find a woollen cashmere item for less than $140, or a shirt with the shoulders assembled […]

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Black Friday Survival Guide

For a few weeks you’ve known that you need that new pair of sneakers, and you’ve been dreaming of a good woolen coat that won’t burn holes in your pocket, something you’ve been missing in your closet. Go on, admit it, even when Black Friday is months away  you’re already thinking about putting a bit […]

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