A girl once had me attracted through one quick flash of her smile. Her teeth were so clean and beautiful that I felt like kissing her. It’s not even a weird fetish of mine, it was just a natural response to her healthy and gorgeous smile. I understand that part of it was a psychological response that we humans naturally have towards health indicators. We find a person more attractive when they show signs of good health, and become more unattracted when they show indicators of bad health or disease. For example, some attractive signs of health in women are a healthy smile, silky hair, and smooth clear skin. Unattractive signs would be all the opposites such as yellow teeth, frizzy hair, severe acne, dry wrinkly skin etc. It's pretty awesome that even attraction can be broken down to a science. So this girl who attracted me reminded me how important it is to make sure our smiles are something we take care of. Within our everyday interactions and especially with the opposite sex, our smile is a key component of placing the other person at ease and filling them with good emotions. All this article is meant to do is to remind you to check your teeth in the mirror and see if they need a little bit of touching up. No matter how genuine your smile is, nobody finds a row full of yellowish teeth attractive. It gets pretty distracting when you’re talking to somebody and you feel like you're talking to the Joker. On a side note: Heath's engrossing performance in The Dark Knight makes it one of the best movies I've seen in awhile. Go see it if you haven't!

Check Out Your Smile

For starters, make sure that you’re brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing before you go to sleep. Most guys have their brushing down, but a lot of guys don't floss. Don't be one of them. If you don't floss, food from yesterday or who knows how far back will stay in your teeth and eventually lead to plaque buildup. Not only will this discolor your teeth, but if not properly taken care of, will cause problems down the road for your gum and teeth. Ask yourself, when is the last time you went to get a checkup with a dentist? If you haven't been to one in the past six months, you should go. The best part is that they'll clean everything up, so if you have any plaque, your dentist will remove it for you in all those hard to reach places. For proper care at home, it's recommended that you brush after every meal if you can. The food and drink that remains in between your teeth is what is staining them. If you're not home and can't brush your teeth, at least rinse your mouth out with water. Every time I go out to eat, I try to go to the bathroom before I leave the restaurant to rinse my mouth out of any food particles. Besides solid food, the other major culprits of tooth discoloration are soft drinks, coffee, tea, wine, and tobacco. For whiter teeth, try to cut down on these products or avoid them. If it has to do with genetics or age you can try to improve your smile with some whitening products, a whitening session at a dentist, or as a last resort, getting them cosmetically improved with veneers.

A Review of the Best Teeth Whitening Products

One of the best options is to get your teeth professionally whitened by a dentist, but it can cost you up to hundreds of dollars. It definitely gets you results, but I hear you're told not to eat any kind of colored food for a couple of days, which should have just been the advice before the whitening process. It's not permanent, but it's faster and results are virtually guaranteed. But you can save a lot of money and still get good results with some great over the counter products out there. There are so many teeth whitening products out there that you can use, but which one should you get? Here is a quick overview of some of the top rated whitening products: