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Kinowear Giveaway Contest!

Hey guys, I’d like to invite you all to… The Kinowear Bible And Video Program Giveaway Contest! My team has put together a special ‘contest’ page for you read all the fine print of the contest. Basically you’ll get a no-strings attached copy of both courses. In case you haven’t looked at either course yet, […]

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Limited Time Kinowear Bible/Video Sale

We’re quickly coming up on what most guys consider to be the most fashionable part of the year. Fall. It’s already almost the middle of August. That means you really only have about a month left before the weather starts cooling and you start thinking about wearing more layers and heavier materials. So I’ve decided […]

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Changes coming to Kinowear!

Big Changes Coming To Kinowear!

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jeremy Reeves and I’ve recently purchased the Kinowear website from Nicolas. In case you’re wondering, Nicolas was a delight to work with. I hold a great amount of respect for him and his team and hope to continue the legacy they’ve built! He and I will […]

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Why are there no advertisements or affiliation on Kinowear ?

Disclaimer: Today, we’re drifting off the topic of men’s fashion slightly, but it’s really important that we give a more detailed explanation of our policy concerning advertizing on the internet. We think there is some taboo surrounding the subject and that this is unnecessary. We also think that once you understand how a certain medium […]

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Kinowear in 2014: Our projects with You

As you know, ‘Kinowear has entered into a new era‘. In July 2013, this was the title of the first article published by our new team of editors…and it was from this date onwards that we started this review. July Kinowear came back to life! The editorial team got their heads above water. After a […]

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