Hackett: Quick Suit Tips for the Winter

This is a partner guest post by designer brand Hackett.

In summertime the thought of wearing a suit to a formal event may not be the most thrilling prospect, especially to those unaccustomed to the thickness and layering of a good three-piece. However, once winter kicks in the suit takes on a whole new appeal: that structured cut becomes a hug against the seasonal chill, the obligatory waistcoat just visible beneath the jacket becomes an irreplaceable part of a man’s cold defence. So with a new-found love for the suit in his heart, how can the modern man pull off the look in style?

Wear classic, with a modern twist

The right suit will of course be timeless – it’s a style staple that is not subject to the whims and wild ideas of fashion, but men should open their eyes to the many different cuts that are around today. A quick click through the styles at Hackett is the perfect introduction to the shapes and fabrics out there.

The style of a suit is judged by the silhouette it creates, so a quick ponder over the desired shape will narrow down the field. As The Black Tie Guide explains, the classic American cut suit has little shape thanks to the soft shoulders, rumpled chest and indefinite waist, but the jackets of the “Updated American” suit features a smaller chest, higher armholes and more defined waist; the chosen look can really reflect a move with the times towards more sharply-fitted pieces.

Wear with an overcoat

This is the perfect finishing touch to your Bond-esque winter look, and will be the final nail in the winter’s freezing coffin. Choose one in a coordinating shade – grey is always a winner, but a black version can be softened with a knitted grey scarf, as demonstrated here.

Wear with confidence

The suit is a powerful look, and while that can bring a man confidence, without the right attitude he could also be completely overpowered. Small changes can be made to help him feel more at home in the attire; a pocket square in a favourite colour, perhaps, or a cut that flatters a particular body shape. This classic guide from GQ should prove useful.


  • http://www.chapmanbags.com John HP¨

    I do love a great suit and you’re quite right about winter seeming to make them more appealing. Something about warmer weather is just a bit too casual.

  • http://www.tedwilliamsmenswear.com/ Richard Atkinson

    Great article and I absolutely love the idea, classic with a modern twist most definitely works!

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    Thanks Richard.

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    Nicolas, when can we expect an article about overcoats and such. I am more interested in the tips & tricks of fitting it :). Is it presented in the book?

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    It is indeed presented in the book as many other things :D
    But yeah, a post on coats in coming :)