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Dressing for the Office

Your appearance does a lot for the impression people have of you. Dressing appropriately at the office can do a lot for how your superiors, subordinates and clients view you. There are so many unspoken rules about office attire. It’s almost a minefield knowing how to keep on trend, while remaining conservative and professional. To […]

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Kinowear Lookbook: #12

While in Seoul, the first thing we noticed is that the street fashion here is on another level. Nearly every businessman is dressed in tailor-fit suits, and the casual style here is simply inspiring.

One of the things that differentiates the guys here is just how well they layer their outfits.

A lot of guys in the States tend to write off layering to heavy, winter wear. However, this look is the perfect example of how you can layer for warmer weather with thinner pieces.

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Kinowear Lookbook: #11

This look is a seamless hybrid of classic professional men’s wear, casual street pieces, and military-inspired elements.

Despite borrowing aspects from very different styles, the reason this look works so well is because it keeps to the most important principles of an attractive style.

1) Fit
2) Color
3) Proportion

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Kinowear Lookbook: #8

We wanted to give you guys something a little different for look #8. While I love the classier, black & white outfits from the previous two looks, it’s refreshing to see a much more casual outfit with a bit of color.

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