The Team & Contacts is a menswear fashion blog that aims to help you dress well. We strive to stay independent and create our own content regardless of other brands, e-commerce sites and advertising agencies (but summer BBQs are a main motivation as well…!) You should also check out our riveting legal notice and, in particular, our manifesto. One last thing : F%ck Advertising, Enjoy Content !

This site is owned by BG Group, a small business run by a group of Paris-based friends (BenoîtGeoffrey and Nicolas).

Since 2007, Kinowear has been devoted to delivering cutting edge male fashion advice. Kino derives from the word “kinesis” which is defined as movement in response to a stimulus. Kinowear is driven by the simple goal of inspiring men to keep moving forward and upward towards their dreams.

We would also like to mention our other authors: readers, bloggers. They are our contributors, often one-offs, and sometimes regulars: they are always of the highest quality.




Kinowear’s 2 missions

Help guys to dress better and to buy more intelligently

  • With detailed articles on men’s fashion: tips, interviews, tests of brands
  • There’s a book and coaching to help you dress better
  • Real life coaching in New York
  • We’re a real community: all the emails and comments of readers receive a reply: ask us, you’ll see

Allow quality brands to develop sustainably

  • Allow readers to discover brands who are committed to quality
  • Make the public aware of the difference between real know-how and marketing blablabla
  • In the future : Promote quality brands through clothing collaborations focused on the quality/price ratio and authenticity

What we think of men’s fashion

I think you’ll have noticed: men’s fashion is a bit like broccoli. Good for your health, good for clean living, but nobody likes it because hot, french fries with a glass of coke are definitely more appealing (apart from for your health). Same goes for clothes: it’s much easier not to get to grips with your own image.

If, for you, shopping comes down to going to an overheated shopping mall on a Saturday afternoon and buying three random items of clothing so that your loyalty card doesn’t get cancelled, or, alternatively, surfing the net until you find a pair of Ruby’s headphones costing $5000 in limited edition and signed CHANEL…then this blog if definitely not for you.

We love the world of men’s fashion, but it’s unfortunately often associated with elitism these days, like jazz or accountancy are in the eyes of the majority. A world often detached from day to day reality (seriously, Rick Owens sneakers which cost 800 dollars even in the sales that are worn down after they’ve been worn six times…they might be nice to look at, but are they really of any use?)

In short, we want to reconcile men and fashion. You can see it for yourself all around you: fashion is for women like computers and video games are for guys. We think that it comes down to a lack of real communication. Now it’s over to us to help you understand fashion. So, just like every complex subject, once you’ve stripped away all the unnecessary jargon, you’re left with what’s practical, the aesthetic and a state of mind.

We leave brands and bling to the guys who talk the talk the best. What we like is decoding style and presenting it in a clear and stripped down way that’s pragmatic and easy for everyone to access.

We aim to share our passion with you and incite your curiosity.

You can start by discovering our advice for dressing well.

Kinowear in figures…

  • Top blog on men’s fashion advice and amongst the most-read men’s magazines
  • 520,000 individual visitors in 2012, and we’re hoping for more than a million in 2013
  • Who reads Kinowear? Guys, the majority aged between 18 and 35, educated, who want to take care of their style

Kinowear’s ethical stance

We owe a lot to our readers and clients: we’ve invested in a contract with them. Therefore, we’ve made the following decisions:

  • We are not an advertising company: we will NEVER be paid by a brand. We’ve got more to offer you than fake competitions and promo codes. When we test brands it is done with complete objectivity and the imperative of doing something of real value for our readers. Our stance is here.
  • We don’t accept retro-commissions when it comes to coaching. If brands give us reductions, it is the client who benefits. It’s all about being transparent.
  • All of our products (electronic guides, coaching, clothing) come with the guarantee, ‘satisfied or your money back’. It’s much simpler and much healthier, too.

Read our manifesto here


How to contact us?

Reach Nicolas at

IMPORTANT: unfortunately, we are no longer able to reply to all emails from press agencies and brands (messages from readers come first) but rest assured that we do read all of them and systematically check out all of your lookbooks!

We will, under no circumstances, reply to business requests or direct marketing propositions (competitions, promo codes) or messages relating to SEO.

See you soon!

The Kinowear Team