Changes coming to Kinowear!

Big Changes Coming To Kinowear!

I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Jeremy Reeves and I’ve recently purchased the Kinowear website from Nicolas.

In case you’re wondering, Nicolas was a delight to work with. I hold a great amount of respect for him and his team and hope to continue the legacy they’ve built! He and I will be in touch and he will be helping me make the transition by helping with content.

You’re probably also wondering how this is going to affect you, and what changes will be made.

So let me explain…

Here Are A Few Ways I’ll Make This Website Better

I have a lot of cool things planned.

Some I’ll make public now, some I’ll keep my little secret until I launch them 😉

Here are a few changes I’ll be making. I think you’ll like them.

  • More Posts From Outside Experts – I always try not to have a big ego. Although I will personally contribute to the blog, I’m going to look for outside experts to share their opinions as well. I believe this gives you more unique perspectives and a more broad range of topics that will help you not only become more stylish, but also improve other areas of your life. (Contact me if you’re interested in posting)
  • More Product/Resource Reviews – As important as it is to understand the “how” and “why” of style, I think it’s just as important knowing WHERE to buy your clothes and other accessories. That’s why I’m planning on doing more product and resource reviews. I realize there are already a good deal of them on here now, so you can expect more of that. (Contact me if you’re interested in having me review your product)
  • More Practical Advice – I have a knack for simplifying things so instead of getting into the intricate details when doing things like product reviews, I’m going to focus more on ideas for how you can use those products. This also applies in any other post, written by myself or outside experts
  • Better Experience For Members – For those of you who decide to purchase any of our products, I’ve already setup a membership site that’s going to be much easier to use. (You may or may not see another Kinowear product in the coming months as well… 🙂
  • Lower Prices – As of right now we have the Kinowear Bible for $27, and the Kinowear Video Course for $247. I believe the latter is a bit too expensive. Although it’s worth every penny, I’d rather see you get the video course at a lower price. That way you can put that extra money into upgrading your wardrobe. I’m planning on holding a quick little “price-slashing” announcement in the near future (so don’t buy the video course just yet).

Please Bear With Me For A Few Weeks…

I’m working myself crazy to make the transition as smooth as possible. This is a huge site, with an amazing community and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be able to help you.

I’m going to try and get a good content schedule going shortly, but it might take a few weeks to do so.

You also may notice a few errors around the website as I change/update certain sections.

So please bear with me as I make the transition!

If any of those errors ever creates a problem for you (like not being able to read a post, not being able to order a product, etc.) please feel free to email me.

A Quick Favor From You?

If you didn’t notice, we’ve changed the URL structure of the blog to make it a little easier to see.

(It used to be setup as and now it’s

In doing that, we lost all of our social media shares!

If you could go back and “like” a few of your favorite posts, I would be enormously grateful.

With that said…

What Do YOU Want To See Changed?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Please know that I will take EVERY idea into consideration. Some will be doable, some will not. But every single comment and suggestion will be read and given a little thinking time. I promise you that.

Let me know in the comments below, and please share this message so we can make Kinowear even better!