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the different skin families

Leather file: the different leather types and skin families

Note by Nicolas: Romain has done us the honor of writing a series of articles on first-rate leather. He even consulted leather experts to make sure that every little piece of information is exactly correct. It’s complete, pedagogic, well-written; and believe me, it’s content that will go down in the history of Kinowear! The use […]

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How to wear a bow-tie (for your next party)

A touch of elegance to your wardrobe Yes, bow ties are the question of the day. I hear you saying “if I’m going to look like a waiter…well no thank you!”, “bowties are for stylish people”. I’ve personally been wearing bow ties for some years now; well before many brands started selling them. At the […]

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Cordovan, the masculine man’s leather

Disclaimer – Laurent has been one of our readers and friends for many years.  Since he has been craving cordovan shoes for a long time and bought a pair last month, he spontaneously sent us this very nice article. And we thank him for it. Ah shoes…according to some people, it’s imperative to have at […]

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Kinowear in 2014: Our projects with You

As you know, ‘Kinowear has entered into a new era‘. In July 2013, this was the title of the first article published by our new team of editors…and it was from this date onwards that we started this review. July Kinowear came back to life! The editorial team got their heads above water. After a […]

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Review of the Canadian brand Frank & Oak

Frank & Oak is a brand that offers basics in good taste and at unbeatable prices thanks to a vertical integration that leaves the distributers on the sidelines. Like Gustin, another vertically integrated brand, the huge advantage of Frank & Oak is their quality/price ratio. In this test, the team gives you their opinion on […]

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