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Finding The Perfect Suit

A great suit will feel like a suit of armor – it gives you a whole different level of swagger. Nothing makes me feel more like a confident man than when I’m in a killer suit. If I could, I’d wear a suit all day, everyday, whatever the occasion.

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Self Branding

If everyone on this planet walked with a personal billboard over their head, what would yours say? How would yours compare to others? Would the advertisement be something catchy and unforgettable or will it be barely visible to one’s peripheral vision?

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Taking Off The False Mask

The “false image” has to be the greatest self-sabotaging agent in terms of attraction. Everything from mistrust from others to women being repelled is rooted in it. On top of the social setbacks, it’s responsible for much of the insecurity, sense of inadequacy, and lack of self-esteem one eventually feels. This bullshit is a poison.

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