8 Men’s Fashion Trends That Repel Women

[box]Today we have a guest blog post from Jason Phillips, a fellow style junkie. We’ll be discussing what he believes is the top 8 men’s fashion trends that repel women faster than a bad pickup line. (Or a bad metaphor…)

As someone who has gone through my 20’s and eventually got married, I can tell you that in most cases, most of these are highly true. I will admit that some of these I personally don’t completely agree with.

And that’s the beauty of style! There are few “hard” rules. Everyone has a different taste and can pull off different styles. I’m purposely publishing this to show that it’s OK to enjoy certain styles while others hate them. Or hate styles that others can pull off. It all depends on you, why you are dressing better, and how it makes you feel.

Let me know what you do, and more important don’t, agree with 🙂

Enter Jason…[/box]

Why Following Men’s Fashion Trends Will Kill Your Style

I’m a big believer in dressing with a timeless, classic style. I see too many guys browsing through modern magazines and places like runway shows, trying to find out what the hottest fashion trends for men are.

Let me say this: Trends might look cool at first, but they get old fast.

The worst part is, most times the trend will have ended before you realize it. You’ll be that lonely guy in the corner wearing something that was in style a few years ago, but is something people laugh at now.

This post is to help you avoid that.

So let’s get started with…

Trend #1: Earrings

A single stud – or a ring towards the top of the ear, perhaps – can look great. You need the attitude to pull it off, but it’s doable. Plugs, studs and scaffolding can sort of work too – as long as you’ve got the image to go with it. The problem is, this isn’t what most men wear as earrings. Too many men wear hoops, or two studs, or generally ridiculously obvious earrings that add absolutely nothing to their appearance. We get you want to wear jewelry, but you don’t have the jawline to pull it off like women do.

If you want to wear something that’ll exude class, try a signet ring. Eye-catching without being in someone’s view the whole time, they’re also much bigger so you can actually do something interested with it – maybe an engraving or a stone. Plus, they don’t require piercings!

#2: Tribal Tattoostribal-tattoos-are-an-old-mens-fashion-trend

Tribal tattoos are one of those men’s fashion trends that were great when they first appeared, but got old. FAST.

Think about the tattoos you hate the most on women. Is it tramp stamps? Tribal tattoos are the male version of tramp stamps. Seriously, do you belong to a tribe? (If you do, this doesn’t apply to you! Your tattoos are probably awesome). Do you have any idea what you’re putting on your skin? No? Don’t do it.

Tattoos don’t need some deep meaning but tribal tattoos are the opposite end of that scale. If you’ve got one from a misbegotten youth and can’t afford to have it covered yet, at least be self-deprecating about it. That way at least women know you regret the decision.

#3: Fedoras

To start off with, that hat you’re calling a fedora? It’s probably a trilby.

At least get it right.

Women don’t hate fedoras all the time. If it’s paired with an excellent formal suit and a roguish smile, you might be able to get away with it.

Unfortunately, the trend isn’t to do that. It’s to wear in with an ironic tshirt and jeans. Don’t do this. It looks awful.

Also, there’s an internet trend of sexist, angry men wearing fedoras, so women have been conditioned to think that men wearing fedoras are these types of men.

I hope that’s not you.

#4: Drop-Crotch Pants

Please don't ever wear drop crotch pants!

Want the best piece of fashion advice you’ll ever hear?

Avoid anything Justin Bieber has done.

Like drop-crotch pants!

That’s not the only reason women hate drop-crotch pants. The main one is because they look like you’re attempting to waddle to the nearest toilet having gone a bit too soon. And that’s just not attractive.

The replacement here is easy. Just wear normal trousers. That’s it. Just normal ones.

#5: Plaid

Hipsters and their plaid! We don’t know what it is in modern fashion that makes people want to look like their high school English teacher, but it’s not good. Plaid is one of those trends that older, sophisticated men can occasionally wear on a good day.

Some guys can pull off plaid, but it’s hard. And it’s trendy, rather than timeless.

And please, we beg you, if you’re still going to attempt plaid after this, don’t wear a patterned shirt too!

Stick to pinstripe, it’s much classier.

#6: Flat Caps

Flat cap hats look good on old men ONLY

Are you a farmer? Are you above the age of sixty?

If you answered “no” to both those questions, you should not be wearing a flat cap.

For some reason, the indie/hipster scene decided these were the best hats out their and started wearing them. They don’t make you look good – they make you look short, old and like you have no idea what to do with your hair.

They’re better than trucker hats (marginally) but trucker hats at least have a purpose – they’re big enough to keep the sun out your eyes. These don’t even have that advantage. Just get yourself a good haircut instead.

#7: Lynx Axe

The adverts for this deodorant are definitely right – it will get women running.

Unfortunately, they mixed up the direction. It won’t be towards you – it’ll be away.

Seriously, Axe makes you smell like a teenager who has only just learned about deodorant. Given this scent has literally caused classrooms to be evacuated, it’s not the one to wear. Grow up and start wearing a real men’s cologne. You’ll notice the difference straight away.

#8: Skinny Jeans

There’s a saying men like about ‘leaving things to the imagination’. It applies to women too. Tight jeans can be amazing (and means they can check out your thighs and ass) but too skinny and you’re walking a tricky line.

Let’s be frank – it’s the bulge.

No matter the size, the bulge will never look good unless you’re David Bowie.

Go for a nice regular straight cut, or if you’re going to go for the skinny look, make sure it’s not too skinny on the crotch area.

So How Do You Accentuate In A Stylish Way?

There are a lot of ways to add accessories to your style without going overboard or looking like a fool. One of my favorite ways is to accessorize with a classy signet ring which gets attention and is something most guys never even think about. Wearing this with some high quality cologne, a great pair of trousers with a well-cut shirt and jacket will make you stand out (in a good way) quickly.

So What Do You Think?

(Back to Jeremy now)

Do you agree? Disagree?

Style is not black and white. One of my goals here is getting men to realize that one size does not fit all. You can add photos to comments now, so if you strongly disagree and think you CAN pull off one of the styles that are normally no-no’s, SHOW US!

Let me know your thoughts – good or bad – in the comments below.