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Camo shorts are a great way to dip your toes into the camouflage world...

How To Pull Off The Army Camo Style

For those who aren’t the most in tune with their fashion side, the word “camouflage” may sound a bit daunting at first. Possibly a “no” from those who are just starting to become adept with mixing colors. However, I figured it’s high time to stop living in fear. It’s time to embrace your inner soldier […]

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Italian Luxury Shoes Review – The Clayton

Every man should own a pair of high-quality, eye-catching, Italian luxury shoes. Actually, two. One in black, one in brown. (If you can only afford one, do brown) I understand that many of you have budgets, so I do NOT recommend wasting your entire fortune on 10 pairs of shoes that are pricey and extremely […]

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Tailor4Less Review: My Newest Obsession

Tailor4Less has become part of my newest obsession. Customizing my own made to order, already-tailored clothes. Every year technology becomes more powerful and we’re starting to see all kinds of new technology begin to hit the style scene. For me personally, being able to create exactly what I want and then have it delivered to […]

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How Men Can Be Stylish Without Looking Feminine

I remember a time in the mid 90’s when there was a debate around whether a man could even wear a pink shirt without looking feminine. You might remember the Friends episode where Ross insists his shirt is ‘a faded salmon color.’ Since then, vacuum-packed skinny jeans have made their way into the mainstream, men […]

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