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How to dress well when you’re tall and skinny

Sleeves too short, shirts too big, it’s such a chore when you’re bigger than the average person. So, what’s the knack to dressing well when you’re tall and thin? It’s a problem I’ve coped with since my adolescent years, where people would playfully nickname me “the shrimp”. My dear readers, if you’re taller than 5ft9 […]

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The desert boot guide for men: choose it well, wear it well

Just for once, it’s always the most simple and effective of items of clothing which have withstood the changing fashions of time. The desert boot is a perfect example of this winning combination. It’s a multifunctional shoe, lightweight and streamlined, which has the ability to be worn in all kinds of situations. As such, desert […]

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What do you expect to get out of your clothing budget?

This time, we’ve written an article a bit shorter than usual, where the aim is to summarise the different levels of quality for each item of clothing. Thus, you will avoid having unrealistic expectations, such as thinking that you can find a woollen cashmere item for less than $140, or a shirt with the shoulders assembled […]

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