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Canada Goose parka

Good or not? I tried out the Canada Goose parka…

Canada Goose… At the minute, it’s a brand that’s dividing opinion. As idolized as it is hated, you must have seen a bit of it everywhere, to the great displeasure of its many critics, who think that in France, Canada Goose is the new Moncler in a negative sense. But on the other side of […]

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combat boots for respectable people

A short guide – combat boots for respectable people (½)

Volume One: Combat boots for walking through puddles Combat boots have first and foremost been reserved for a solely military usage, favoring comfort and durability for a soldier in often harsh environments and climates. The first ‘real’ boots, the kind that we’re talking about here – leather and laces – were made during the Second […]

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