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Criteria for choosing clothes

Criteria for Choosing Clothes You Must Master

We often talk of checking the quality of an item of clothing before buying it, and thinking about its quality/price ratio. Only, this criterion of ‘quality’ is a fairly grey area and there are several opposing conceptions of it. There are those for whom a quality item is: Sturdy and functional Nice and well-cut In […]

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The progress of a reader who is a lot like you

Disclaimer – in this article, I present you with the testimony of Fabrice. A reader of the blog for a long time now, Fabrice has become a friend of the team over the years. His progression is enormous, as can be seen in the photos that you’ll find in his article. This article has not […]

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Black Friday Survival Guide

For a few weeks you’ve known that you need that new pair of sneakers, and you’ve been dreaming of a good woolen coat that won’t burn holes in your pocket, something you’ve been missing in your closet. Go on, admit it, even when Black Friday is months away  you’re already thinking about putting a bit […]

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What you should know about your style

The source of this article is a complicated the definition of “style” debate. We discussed a lot in the team to realize that we didn’t even agree on definitions. And that’s when we began to find concrete examples that our debate, otherwise pretty barren, became interesting. Has Drake got style? I’m serious, think about it. […]

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