Kinowear in 2014: Our projects with You

As you know, ‘Kinowear has entered into a new era. In July 2013, this was the title of the first article published by our new team of editors…and it was from this date onwards that we started this review.


Kinowear came back to life! The editorial team got their heads above water. After a few months spent in a semi-coma, the first fashion advice articles appeared online. To mark the occasion, the site also got a make-over, which was inspired by its big brother,


See how the editorial team struggled to put its head above water.

Article of the month : The series, ‘How to find YOUR style’ offers 3 in-depth articles to read again and again, because they really are the kind of articles that will help you get far.


We worked really hard to publish articles whilst simultaneously developing our Crash Course; which is the starting point for all new guys to the site. In a few short but efficient emails, we helped you avoid fashion faux-pas to help you construct a solid wardrobe. These lessons were free and we were really proud of them (and we hope you liked them too!)

I was often asked to resend emails containing lessons that got lost in your inbox…I didn’t think that would become a common occurrence 😉

Article of the month :  ‘How to choose a men’s shirt,’ which was one of the founding articles helping you develop a long-lasting wardrobe. But I could have also mentioned the first of our web reviews.

2If it doesn’t ring a bell, you should take a look at the article 😉


Our ebook, which is full of advice for guys on how to feel good in clothes, had a make-over with new, nicer photos.

At the same time, my colleagues at BonneGueule in France were preparing to publish a paper-back book available in all book stores which became a big hit in the following months.

It was also in September that we managed to publish articles at a steady rate; two articles per week, 8 articles per month, with the ambition of maintaining this rhythm 12 months a year.

Article of the month : I also had the chance to write my most personal post for the blog, and it was the most fun I’d had writing an article in months. In ‘How Thailand Fucked Up My Style,’ I explained how I lost interest in dressing well in a country where the culture is much less focused on style, and about how my return to Paris made me re-adapt…and, yes, I did find myself a beginner all over again!


The kind of landscapes that made me forget how to dress sharply…


We did a lot of work behind the scenes for the Titanium project– I’ll come back to that in November…

Article of the month : October saw the publication of our most popular article in several months : ‘Quality and Low-End Ready to Wear‘. In this article, we tried to unravel the fashion industry, the collections, the margins and the huge marketing campaigns. In other words, we wanted to shake up popular belief about fashion to give you a clear vision of what’s on offer in stores and what you can achieve in relation to your budget.


This is perhaps my favourite article of 2013 because it’s quite unique in relation to what other men’s fashion blogs are doing.


As the days are getting shorter and the leaves are beginning to fall ( how poetic, I know…), we spent many hours preparing and brainstorming for a secret project called ‘Titanium’…

This project was created as part of the Kinowear Program. It was officially launched at the end of November to help you when shopping during the sales period.

It’s a 3 month program made up entirely of videos to help you be independent in your choices and to teach you how to create outfits that really suit you.


I met around 20 guys determined to master their look and to find their own style. To join them, subscribe to the waiting list so you don’t miss out on the next subscription session.

Article of the month : It’s time to show you Fabrice’s progess : The progress of a reader who is just like you. This article was not about showing off the quality of our advice but rather to show you that small efforts can go a long, long way.


In December we managed to start up our product tests; something that I really wanted to do from the very beginning. A few weeks ago you saw our detailed test for Gustin jeans, followed by a test of Canada Goose parkas and finally a test of the Canadian brand, Frank & Oak. I know it’s a lot in one go and I admit it will be hard to keep up this rhythm in the first months of 2014, but we will try!

Article of the month : The Possible Alterations of an Item of Clothing.
Why? Because I think this is exactly the kind of unique and useful article that we should publish more often.


I could also have chosen the Christmas WTF article 

And Kinowear in 2014?

The Kinowear Bible II

The sequel to our first ebook that will outline our best advice on how to dress well; but this time we will go into a lot more depth. Whilst Kinowear Bible I focused on how to construct a wardrobe of timeless classics that will never go out of style, Kinowear Bible II will concentrate on the bigger styles and will emphasise the importance of your own personality in your fashion.

The text is already ready, the illustrations are underway and our graphic designer, Bastien, is designing a layout that will be really awesome…


Launching the Kinowear Program in a Platinum version!

The Kinowear Program will reopen its doors bigger and better after its first publication, with the aim to enrich the content as much as possible and to involve industry experts who will share their opinions and advice with you. (We aren’t afraid to say it, the Kinowear Program is the most comprehensive resource out there when it comes to helping guys dress well.)


Yes man, the Platinum version !

A project, a dream which must be kept a secret for the moment…

A project that won’t be 100% internet-based… It’s still so far off that we haven’t given it a name yet.

A smaller but equally as important project

Putting the archives on-line…Kinowear has been on-line for more than 6 years now…Jay and Ben, the founders, wrote some really great articles that are hidden away somewhere. For the moment, there are a few links that don’t work, a few images that are missing, but in 2014 we’re going to have a big clear out and improve access to these little advice gems.


I assure you there is a lot to go through, but it’s worthwhile.

A stronger content flow

I promise that there will be more videos, more unique articles on topics that we’ve never looked at before, more tests, more meetings and interviews with designers, tailors, etc.

Thank you!

But, of course, all of this is only possible down to the the support of our readers.

Thank you to all the readers and for all the comments on the blog, who never cease to show us support and who are always willing to interact with us. Keep the discussions, exchanges and contacts coming our way! 😉

(Did you know : we reply individually, for free and in good will to every email we get from our readers.)

Our wishes for You in 2014

The whole team wishes you a very happy and stylish 2014, and it’s not only about clothes!

Keep on being grateful and make people happy around you.

Find yourself, and join crazy activities where you’ll become a greater person (the two are linked)

Question everything, even those who tell you to do so

Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done (especially yourself)

Set goals and do everything you can to achieve them

2014, is going to be legendary, and that’s all we wish for you


From Paris with Love…

Now, I’ll hand you the keyboard… What do you want for yourself this coming year? 
What do you want to see more of on Kinowear in 2014?