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How to Find Your Own Sense of Style

We know that the best way to start learning something is to imitate those who are masters. Women have been modeling after the best for decades, and that’s why they are so far ahead of us with style. They are constantly modeling after pictures they see in magazines, their favorite celebrities, and even other women […]

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Kinowear Lookbook: #8

We wanted to give you guys something a little different for look #8. While I love the classier, black & white outfits from the previous two looks, it’s refreshing to see a much more casual outfit with a bit of color.

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Why Passion Is So Attractive

Think back to a time when you were talking passionately about something to your friends. Did you notice that all of them gave you their full attention? Recall how you not only commanded attention but you probably spoke confidently, articulately, and with self-assurance in your voice. As image consultants, we spend a lot of time […]

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