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How To Groom Your Eyebrows

It’s funny how for most men, “grooming” seems to be more of a big event than a normal part of their self-maintenance; like brushing their teeth, showering, etc. It’s clear that some parts of society will frown upon men who pay too much attention to their grooming habits. Grooming is better associated with the metrosexual […]

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5 Tips On How to Find the Right Hairstyle

A lot of guys forget about the stuff that’s on top of their head. Or for some, the stuff that’s starting to disappear. Whichever boat you’re in, remember that how it looks matters! In high school I used to just throw on a hat everyday and feel that I was well on my way – […]

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5 Steps to Mastering Your Own Style

So I understand that most of you want to become a master of your own fashion and style. What does it mean to have your own style? I love the HBO show Entourage. If you watch this show, you’ll see that all the characters wear certain clothing that pair excellently with their own unique personalities. […]

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